Overview - SCBMS




Impact - Critical


Supply chain management brokerage system. This system allows the Kansas site to browse for any order information for a customer. This system is part of Daymon Connect portal which also interacts with Biz Talk, Kalido and JD Edwards

Support Owner:

 Client Users:

  •  Kansas Employees

 User Method of Access:

Process for Requesting/Modifying Access:

  •  The user must submit a Kissflow request which will get the proper approval from their VP.

 Authentication Method:

  •  Active Directory

Common Issues/Fixes:

IMPORTANT - This is a very critical application.

  •  Connectivity Issues - user cannot connect through Citrix, the user probably did not log off properly. They are only allowed one session per license agreement, therefore they will need to be forced off their current session.
  • The application is slow - Kansas has bandwidth issues because they have limited bandwidth.
  • Missing documents, reporting issues, application is slow to respond.
  • Gather information prior to escalating to
  • Gather caller info-

                          o Name/Title/Phone number/email address

                          o Issue

                          o Remote in

                          o Screen shots

  •  Application issues - Perform basic troubleshooting steps (verifying browser, Citrix connection, network connectivity, number of user that are affected) before contacting Ram Prasad @
  •  Grant user access – See KBxxxxxxx How to create a new user in SCBMS
  •  Memory error – See KBxxxxxxx Memory Errors
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