Memory Errors - SCBMS



This user is getting memory error messages.



1. Verify if the SCBMS is running directly into the browser or via Citrix.

2. Verify if one or more users are affected and document the ticket.


· If SCBMS is running via Citrix then a ticket will need to be sent to

  •  Include citrix server user is on (found in citrix receiver)
  •  Users name
  •  Exact issue in detail the user is having and if its effecting multiple users

*NOTE: The SCBMS app was known for having memory leaks and, even if the latest builds solve most of those problems, the issue may still surface every now and then.

· If SCBMS is running in the local machine's browser, check the amount of memory the PresentationHost process is using and log it.


a. Close the App, kill the PresentionHost process(es) and re-launch the app.


· This should resolve the issue.


3. If the amount of RAM utilized by the PresentationhHost process surpasses or it's in the vicinity of 1GB of RAM, document the ticket and escalate Ram Prasad.

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