Escalation Matrix - AS400




This article contains the escalation matrix for Daymon's AS400 error codes.


Warning: Only escalate to Daymon during off hours operations from 5 PM EST to 8 AM EST.

During normal business hours close the ticket.

Contact the appropriate group depending on error code. Use the chart below:


  • Contact Mel Wollf at - (203)778-3006 - outside of work hours only and (203) 352-7759 - during work hours 
  • Any CDS issue goes to Kamal Puthenvital at 203-524-6249

The information should be in the short description of the ticket.

For any other errors not listed that are not hardware or OS related, please escalate in the following order:

  1. Mel Wolff 778-3006
    • If Mel does not answer, contact Kamal Puthenvital (203) 352-7552 – work or (203) 524-6249



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