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Impact - Critical


Software that runs MDM (Master Data Management) and EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse

User method of access

  •  Authentication with AD
  •  Web client – Users – Production access via
  •  QA –
  •  Some remote users access web client via Citrix.
  •  Access request will come to the helpdesk and should be routed to the Daymon MDM Assignment Group
  •  Authentication is synced with AD\
  •  Users to into the grpMDMUsers and if needed, Citrix grpXenAppKalido

Common Issues

  •  Access issues


  •  Gather information prior to escalating to the DAY MDM Assignment group
  •  Verify Citrix security group
  •  Caller info

                         o Name/Title/Phone number/email address

                         o Issue

                         o Remote in

                         o Screen shot error/issues

Support Owners

· Ken Parchinski ( and Arif Sharafat (

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