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This article contains the process for installing Trend on a Daymon Computer (to allow Host checker to run).


*Note: If a computer does not have an antivirus installed then Trend can be downloaded to the machine.

  1. Access the customer's environment. KB on Go to Assist to be added here
  2. Remote into the user's computer.
  3. Go to the site
  4. Log in using User name and password (located in password vault) Make sure “Remember me” is not checked.


  5. Once logged in, click Open Console.


   6.Click the Devices Tab


   7. Click Add Devices

   8. Click View email details

  1. Text window will come up. Click Copy Text, paste it in a personal email and send that to the user who needs the application installed.
  2. Inform user to check their email and click on the link to allow the agent to be installed on their computer. 
  3. Once installed run a full scan of person's PC
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