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This article contains the process for white-listing and blacklisting emails through Symantec Message Lab. 

NOTE: If the site is still being blocked after performing the below steps then this needs to be escalated to the Daymon Netops Team stating to whitelist the URL in the Palo Alto.



  • Email needs to state the person requesting the email or the domain that needs to be whitelisted. The business reason for the request and the email headers from the email in question. 
  • To obtain correct header information, please see  KBxxxxxx(Insert link for Message Labs Track and Trace

IMPORTANT - A personal email needs to be sent to Sorin Dosoftei to approve any WHITELIST email address or domain add. DO NOT add him to the watchlist. Email needs to state the person requesting, the email or domain that needs to be whitelisted, the business reason for the request, and the email headers from the email in question. Please copy and paste the approval into the ticket.

*NOTE: Credentials are located in the Password Vault

  1. Log into Message Lab- using appropriate credentials for the client.
  2. Navigate to Services Anti-Spam


  1. To white-list addresses, go to Approved Senders. To blacklist addresses, go to Blocked Senders
  2. From here add a new entry, search for an existing entry, or either Editor Delete and existing entry. IMPORTANT - when adding a domain, DO NOT use a wildcard like * and DO NOT use the @ symbol. Just use for example: 


  • To add a new entry: Type the new email address or domain into the Search field and click search. If the entry isn't found you would click Add Entry then see a box showing Domain | Email | IP, this is where you would add the followed by entering a description.  To complete the process, you would click Update.
  • To search for an existing entry: Type in a portion of the email address into the Search field and click Search.
  • To edit an entry: Find or search for your existing entry.  Click Edit in the right-hand column to edit the entry.
  • To delete an entry: Find or search for your existing entry.  Click the check-box in the left-hand column, then click Delete.  
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