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[Applies to: Daymon / Message Labs]


This article provides instruction on how to track and trace emails through message labs.



*NOTE: White list the email address under the sender section. If user provides a different email address, by default, the sender address should be whitelisted, not the given address from the user. 

  1. Log into Message Labs:

NOTE: Credentials are in the Password Vault

  1. Click on the tab ToolsEmail Track and Trace

*NOTE: When searching by Domain, be sure to add *@ before the domain name

  1. Switch Date Rangeto daysand select how many days you want to search



     4. After Selecting Search,Click the email message to the ticket you are searching for

  1. Copy and paste the Sender information of the Message details. Also take a screen shot and include it in the email. Then send a personal email to Netops (



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